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Crosses are Back!

According to the NYT article written by Tanya Dukes, Crosses are back!
I was Divinely inspired when I was approached to create a cross for an NBA player and his mother to symbolize their faith and bond. I envisioned a fluid, sculptural design with a North Star center formed by four kite-shaped diamonds. As with all of my designs, there is a layered narrative.

For thousands of years, the North Star has been a beacon to travelers and sailors, allowing them to navigate the seas and hike the wilderness without getting lost. Thus becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration and a symbol of good luck. From the ancient Greeks, the North Star is a compass for our life's purpose, heart's true desires, and core values. The North Star guides the three wise men on their journey from the East to Jerusalem in the Bible.

The North Star is created with four kite diamonds reminding us to continue to align and unite with our values: love, faith, compassion, and truth.  A platinum "FAITH" is ajured behind the cross.

If you are inspired, you can order your North Star Cross. You can find the North Star Cross here. 

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