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Artist. Activist. Feminist. Mother.

 “Love—for self and others—and the journey toward it, inspires the talismanic energy behind my work.” - Ana Katarina

The Artist

“Inspiration Exists, But It Has to Find You Working.” - Pablo Picasso

AK's artistry intertwines with her rich life experiences. Her jewelry, a canvas of creativity, reflects a blend of intricate design and storytelling, capturing beauty in every piece. “Designing is a process that starts with a pen to paper. Some days I am in the flow, and others well … I’m not at all. Some designs are for today and others will need time. It is all a process. My wise father told me never to push it. Just show up every day. So, I do.” - AK

The Feminist

Women have always inspired me, upheld me, and been my guides through dark nights and beautiful dawns.

"I list Mariam Makeba, Beatrice White, Katherine Hepburn, Nina Simone, Angela Vinkler-Petrovic, Pema Chodron, Mercedes Sosa, Anais Nin, Toni Morrison, Margaret Burke-White, Iris Apfel, Suzanne Belperon, and Orianna Fallaci as women who’ve inspired me all my life. Thank you, Queens” - AK Celebrating the multifaceted lives, struggles, and accomplishments of women, AK elevates their stories, and their feminine strength through her exquisite jewelry designs. Her artistry is a testament to her dedication to the empowerment of all people and the right we all have to create beauty in the world.

The Activist

 “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

From war correspondent to activist designer, Ana-Katarina’s creative process incorporates sustainable discipline, and she uses her platform to voice socio-political concerns that affect us all. Her campaigns and creations champion underrepresented stories, embodying the power of activism through art that becomes jewelry.

The Mother

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much." - JackieO

The stories and symbols of strength, passion, and positivity reflected in Ana-Katarina's designs are derived from her experiences mothering three young daughters. Her creations symbolize the strength and beauty of maternal love, reflecting the deep connections of family in her work.