'Pretty in Pink' Ring


18k Yellow Gold, 1.43 Rhodalite Garnets, 1.50ct Pink Sapphires, and .90CT Orange Sapphires

Design Inspiration

AnaKatarina's 'Pretty in Pink' ring reminds her of effervescent joy. Her favorite color combination is fuschia, orange, and red. The Pretty in Pink ring is an homage to the beautiful sea urchin and its totem of intuition and evolution and invokes sensuality and feminine power. The center Rhodalite Garnet connects us with inspiration and happiness. The pink sapphire brings romance and new relationships, while the orange sapphire enhances sexual and artistic powers.

The sea urchin design is created in 18k yellow gold with hand-carved beading, which separates inverted gemstone spikes. The ajured back underlines the importance of LOVE, self-love, romantic love, and universal love.

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