Eye Love Necklace

18k Yellow Gold and 1.05ct Sapphires, .30ct Diamonds, and 18" Adjustable Paper Clip Chain
Design Inspiration

The Eye Collection is a modern-day token of eternal love. Worn as a lover's or third eye, any piece in this collection can be customized in the image of your eye (third eye) or your loved ones, including pets.

Create Your Lover's / Third Eye Necklace

Upload a few portrait photos to create a custom Lover's or Third Eye piece. AnaKatarina will review the pictures to help you to choose the best image from which your lover's eye sketch is created. We use the Left eye as it is in line with the heart. Once you approve the rendering, the cameo is carved by our master gem carver in blue agate using centuries-old techniques. Each eye cameo is made of different tones of blue, grey, and black, formed by the depth of the carving. After the carving, we set your eye into your design choice. 

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